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How to play Knockout Bounty Tournament | MTT Strategy
Knockout Bounty Tournaments have recently been a big hit. You can now play bounty tournaments on leading poker sites like Pokerstars, Full Tilt and now even India’s leading sites like thespartanpoker. Initially the Bounty Tournaments were started in India in Gurgaon, where the hosts of the house named Rollers Den organized a special tournament where the buy in of the tournament was 5k. Out of this buy in 4k was contributed to the prize pool and a wearable wrist band was given for the remaining 1k.
The tournament usually had around 15-20 participants. The prize pool was distributed amongst the players who finished in the top four positions. Adding a twist to the usual tournament procedure an additional bounty was of Rs 1k was given to the player who eliminated any player during the tournament, leaving the player to get an additional bonus for eliminating the player from the tourney. Each player used to hand over their respective (one)wrist band to the player who eliminated them. By the end of the tourney any player having any number of bands with them could trade each band for Rs1k from the house.
This made the tournaments more action generating and addictive. Now being the initiators of this tournament, there are a few tips by the hosts of the house(Rollers Den) in Gurgaon about HOW TO PLAY specifically the KNOCKOUT BOUNTY TOURNAMENTS.
How to play Knockout  Bounty Tournaments
The main confusion amongst players is the strategy decision for knockout bounty tournaments is whether to adjust your play to actively seek for bounties, or whether to play your standard tournament play and seek bounties as an added advantage ???
The Rollers Pro who actively won most of the bounty tournaments and also seeking the max number of bounties at Rollers Den Live recommends downplaying the significance of bounties themselves. Instead, seek advantage in exploiting the greedy bounty seeking opponents’ BIG MISTAKES, when they try hard to win themselves bounty prizes.
Indeed in a bounty tournament it is very important to have an awareness of what the opponent are doing will help you make better decisions in such tournaments.
5 Proven Strategy Tips for online Knockout Tournaments
1. Avoid All-in Bluffs
As the other players are seeking opportunity of stealing your bounty and stack. The chances are high that they most likely would call your bluff searching for their draws in order to shove you out of the tournament and claim your bounty.
Rather it is best to hit your NUTS and then shove. In that case, people chasing their draws might fall in the trap as they may call seeking your bounty. There is a no sure way of winning in Poker, but the best poker player is a person who makes a decision which is wise in the long run. Maximum number of times the person calling will lose.
2. Less Bubble Check Downs
In a standard tournament you can expect people to check down more often when they are close to bubble, when a smaller stack Player goes ALL-IN.

Instead, in a KO BOUNTY TOURNAMENT when a smaller stack goes ALL-IN , most players eek to call him, since in case they win they earn a BOUNTY + STACK and in case they lose they still stand a chance to cash out the tournament.
3. The Prize Pool Matters the most
The BIG money is still at the final table as 80% of the prize pool is used for standard payouts based on finishing positions. So make sure you are not eliminated before you reach the final table.
4. Try to stay above the average stack
The most TILTING part in such tourneys is winning on a big hand and loosing on the bounty, just because your opponent had you covered by a few chips. Staying aggressive enough to be atleast a little ahead of your opponent, will ensure you get paid those bounties as well as winning those chips.
5. Expect crazy action
Especially in the starting phase of the tournaments, you can sometimes even see more than 3-4 players involving themselves into ALL-IN scenarios in almost every second hand. Especially in case there is any Re-Entry to the Bounty Tournament.


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